2016 Projects

Eagle Rig Color Change

Beer Rigging Line puts a loop to grab in the middle back of the bird.  This line goes through the bird down towards the feet.  Near the claws is another loop.  This loop is what the lightweight beer package is tied to.

Here we see the eagle prop after a color change and some loving tender care!  The wing pick points are set, and you may be able to see the colored 1/16" cable that is run between those pick points.  Now the body pick points are being set, and that will finish this project.

Chris Farley gets carried away by Animal Makers' eagle puppet in "Almost Heroes" (1998).

Event Suit Conversion Possible!  Imagine this friendly eagle with animated head attemding an event or trade show!

Mirrorball Creative Comp

A close up look at the face of the eagle as it gets it's color changed.  Further work will continue on this.

A close up look at the feet and claws of the eagle as it gets it's color changed.

Feathers have yet to be steamed and smoothed.  This stage is all about the color change.

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