2016 Projects

Audio starts later in this 10 minute video which goes over the animatronics and deliverables involved.

The latest thing in photo realistic, Hollywood style, ready to amaze any audience, gorilla costumes!  This is Maxim!


The animated face is run by simply moving levers on a professional level radio control.


hand laid hair

animatronic gorilla costume

Animatronic eye movements

This is the face controller.  The HiTec Flash 7 remote controller and radio combination (manual) is expandable by adding these receivers to your other costumes, and easy to operate.  The on board memory can save different set ups.  Your first one is "gorila".  There are 6 letters you could use to describe the model.

upper and lower muscle suit layer

Original gorilla sculpture in clay

Animatronic eye base plate install

Lightweight and airy helmet and core.

Eye and blink alignment with mask

Custom machined and painted eyeballs

Animatronic eye blink and turn mech's

Hair Punching along edge of fur line

Hair Punching along edge of fur line

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