2016 Projects

Here's an introductory video for Animal Makers and Jim Boulden.


This is Colossus the Gorilla and animation controls

Muscle Structure with Moveable Aluminum Framework

Replaceable Hands, feet, and heads.

Pepe The Frog

This is the latest Pepe the Frog cartoon by Matt Furie.  First cartoon thats Matt has published since 2010's Boy's Club".   The response from his many followers on Tumblr has been huge!



This upper body only Pepe the Frog figure will be built and performed as a live action meme.


This puppet can be a a major part of creating excellent, live-action memes.  The comedy comes during the build up with eye lid movements, slight changes in mouth/lips, subtle changes to the "bulbs" over the eyes, and the comical payoff scene with a green colored tip and a launched fluid.


This is an upper body hand puppet shot in a table top, muppet style set.


The eyes will have two axis of control, the lids will have animation besides opening and shutting.


This close up puppet could be used for other gags like smoking a joint, drinking, burping, etc.


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