2016 Projects

This video presents: (click in bottom right corner to see full screen)

  • a final paint job that has cured and has been dulled to a point of seeming alive, but not shiny.
  • Tail has been adjusted to move more during the movement of this costume.
  • The leg sections were adjusted for height and colored to match.
  • The two people inside are Ron and Karen.  Neither of them is a performer and Ron is 2" too tall.
  • The leg sections are snapped into the pants of each person instead of snapped into the body form.   This allows their legs to move more freely, is what they reported during the dressing.  The leg panels can be adjusted right on the body shell for height.
  • The saddle blanket is completed and shown installed and working.
  • No faux "rib shadows" were painted.  Thom Floutz and Jim Boulden looked at performing this paint application and decided it was a scenic element, not one that would help the realism of this animal figure.  As a scenic element, this should be done to the taste of the production designer.
  • Animations are pre-programmed and operating.  This includes the ear twitches and eye blinks.
  • Internal control systems are cross checked and operational.  These include internal lighting, video feedback from front and rear mounted cameras, head movements and cooling fans.

Rhino Works In Progress

Looking at the work view #3

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